Monday, August 7, 2017

Good day every day!

Ashfa Salam

"It’s gonna be an awful day today!"
"Why did I have to see this early morning?"
"I don't believe I had to wake up to such a bad morning!"

How many of you have these thoughts running through your mind just when you wake up? What else could spoil your day more than starting it off with so much negative energy? I was one person who used to be extremely negative about everything, especially at the start of the day until I slowly learnt to let go of all the negativity that kept me on rock-bottom every day. I want you also to come out of negativity and see how beautiful life could be.
So let's look at few things you can do to start the day off with a lot of positive vibes.

1. Your first thought.

Your first thought in the morning has a great impact on the whole day that is ahead. So make it completely positive and simple. Your mind is always clear right after a good sleep. So that is the best time to plant a good seed of thought in your mind.
Do not think about what happened yesterday. Do not think about what's going to happen today either good or bad. Do not reach for your phone. Smile and repeat to yourself, "Today is going to be a beautiful day!" Make sure you smile. Do not let any other thoughts cross your mind.

2. Be thankful.

Take 5-10 minutes to sit and think. Meditate. Pray. But most importantly, take a few minutes to be thankful for everything you've been blessed with. If only you just take time to think about it, you'll find out you have at least two or three things in life to be thankful for. The best way to attract whatever you desire is to be thankful for it even when you don't have it. Be thankful for the money you have, you'll be given more of it. Be thankful for the good health you have, you'll get healthier, be thankful for the opportunities that come by, you'll get more of them. Be thankful.

3. Pamper yourself.

It's not only about your mind. It's true that when we are happy at heart, our physical appearance also improves. What if I tell you that the other way around is also true? When you look good, clean and well-dressed it definitely makes you feel good. The best way to look good physically is to be healthy first.

Drink 2 glasses after waking up. Drink a cup of green tea. Have a healthy breakfast. Clean yourself. Dress your best. Greet others with a smile.

This is how I start my day.. What do you do to make every day a good day? 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The first 'A' children need from every teacher

By Ashfa Salam

I am not a parent but I deal with a whole class of kids every day. It’s been almost 4 years since I started teaching. I learnt more things as a teacher than I did as a student. One of them is the importance of Appreciation. The compliments and the simple words of appreciation you give your kids will definitely last longer in their hearts than the A’s you write on their test papers.
 I come across different types of kids every day at school. But the one that stayed on my mind for too long is not the one that got good scores nor the one who paid attention to the lesson, but it is that one child who never bothered to listen to me. Every time I entered the class, I got complaints about him. He was one student to whom I gave most number of detentions as well. He didn’t do the homework regularly. He didn’t focus on the lessons. He didn’t write the notes. He was only good at making troubles until one day I saw how well he had drawn diagrams in his Science note book. I was amazed. I simply told him that he drew really, really well. I didn’t think for once that what I said that day would mean much to him. But after that day, I started to notice that he paid attention to the lessons. He showed interest in studies, especially in Science. He started to do the homework to an extent that he wanted me to give him more work. Then I slowly realized how encouraged children feel when they get compliments and words of appreciation.
So, do not hesitate to appreciate your children, to give compliments on how well they are singing, to compliment them for their neat hand writing, and praise them for their good manners. The little troublemaker in your class just needs a small round of applause for his efforts. You may be the only person who appreciate them but it would mean the world to them. You could be the person who completely changes their life.
In what other ways do you encourage your kids? Let me know in the comments!

If you think this was helpful, please share.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Ashfa Salam

The only
Living tree
My window
Catches my eyes
Every day.

My starving eyes
A little too long
On it, moving weakly,
Dark and naked.
For it has born
A ripe red fruit
Small but strong.

I reach,
After a moment's
But then I stop,
Leaving it
To a hungrier soul
Than me.


Ashfa Salam.

Led by
The late morning breeze
The fragrance
Of cold.
Bright leaves
Floating on autumn air
Finally land
On the sparkling water
Far ahead
On the azure sky
Crawl the tiny clouds.
On the doorstep
Breathing in today’s joy and-
Hugging myself tight
I hold up
The little camera
In my hands
Trying to frame
My first autumn.

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Challenge

Hey you all lovely people!

I hope you are having an amazing day (or a peaceful night)!

There is something I've been wanting to tell everyone for a long time, including myself of course. I believe it is something that would eventually make you happy.
Before telling what it is that would actually make you happy, let me ask a question: What is something we do, without fail, every day? Well, there are definitely many things. But I know you wouldn't say no if I tell you that one of them is backbiting. Talking about others in their absence is something everybody enjoys doing these days and trust me, it can’t get any worse. I guess I am right if I say that this is something so extremely common these days. We never miss to talk about someone else when we are having our daily talks with our friends or family. We think it satisfies us in some way. But, at the end of the day, it really doesn't. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons why we don't feel good or happy deep within our hearts. It is so common that sometimes it feels ridiculously good when you come across some really good people who don’t really backbite. Let me shout out at them: I ADORE YOU! YOU ARE A REASON WHY THE WORLD CAN STILL BE A BETTER PLACE! KEEP BEING THE AWESOME HUMAN YOU ARE!
And for the rest of those who are also goodhearted humans, again including myself of course: Let's see if we could do this. I want all of us to take up this challenge. How about a one-day challenge of never backbiting? And yes, it is reasonable to call it a challenge.
If you could do that, I'm sure you will definitely feel good and will be at peace at the end of the day. Then let’s make it a three-day challenge, then five-day. And finally, continue to do it for the rest of your life. Because we all deserve happiness in life and it all begins with quitting some really bad habit. We all know that backbiting is undeniably a very bad habit.
We can all make the world a better place. And you can’t make something better, unless you first stop doing things that make it worse.

Share goodness. Be positive. Inspire. Spread love. Enjoy life.

Love from Ashfa.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Ashfa Salam

Here I am stuck
On top of the fence
Wondering whether
To treat others
The way
I like to be treated
Or to treat them
The way
They treat me.
And then
Just when I begin
To fear
This dilemma
Will keep me
Stuck here forever
I saw you
Upon the fence
With all that courage
Towards me.
I stood up smiling
And held your hand.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Ashfa Salam

Before you stands the mirror.
You tilt your head and smile.
You get lost in your own eyes.
You admire yourself.
You wink.
You make a funny face
And end up laughing
A soundless laugh.

You look again in the mirror
And frown.
You don't like how you look
When you laugh.
It is a pity you don't see
The twinkle in your eyes.
You only see
The gaping mouth.

You sit down but still staring.
You lean in, nose almost touching
The clear glass.
You think.
You try to count your lashes
And fail.
You smile again, head straight this time.
You stand up to dance to your own song.
You trip and hold yourself.
You are still not tired.
You hug yourself and dance again.

You lie down and
Look beyond the walls.
Your mind starts to wander.
You start to cry.
You cry. And then,
You talk to yourself.
You call yourself an idiot.
Then you feel bad
And you say sorry.

You look sideways and smirk.
You giggle through
The tears.
You feel good.
You sit up and stare.
You feel good.
And you feel bad.
You feel pretty
And you feel ugly.
You laugh and then you cry.

Nobody is watching you.
You are alone.
And when you are alone,
You are crazy.
Who is not?